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It is always dangerous when somebody claims that they have got the copyright on the truth and truly believe it. Humanity has had too much of it throughout history. Usually, it was religions that protested such claims, but there have been quite a few totalitarian ideologies which did the same.

Nothing, however, seems to match the danger of your extremism. It seems to surpass everything we have seen. And there is a reason for that. When you snatch other peoples’ traditions and religions, when you plagiarize their myths and beliefs, their stories and legends in order to assert your own faith, you have very few options available; very few apart from aggression and brute force.

templemount So, as you claim to be the followers of the only true prophet and messenger of the only true god, you have to go to other peoples’ holy places, destroy them and erect your gold-plated domes right on top of their ruins. You don’t have other means but coercion to make these other peoples accept you as the direct interlocutor of god and you must eradicate any doubt about anything you say or do. And, if they refuse by any chance, you have to wage war on them, to conquer them or to eliminate them, if need be.  And all the time you do but fulfill god’s will. For, your god is an interventionist one and everything -  absolutely everything – is predestined by him. Thanks to divine predestination and constantly present divine intervention, nothing happens by chance, so you simply don’t have to think or worry about anything, least of all your own actions; which means that there is no concept or feeling of any guilt in you whatsoever. You are simply not responsible for your actions, because you are not autonomous individuals.  You don’t decide about a thing. That is why there is no idea of resisting temptation for you. You can’t help anything anyway.

The whole point then is to prevent vicious circumstances, to prevent things that might tempt you to do something. In fact, you don’t do things. Things just happen to you. The universal justification for your actions is the famous claim that it cannot be any other way.  For all is in god’s hands. It’s not you who do what you do. It’s god. You are just obeying the god, so everybody else must obey you. In the end, you come to think and say that this collection of reminiscences of your life, your sayings and deeds on different occasions — all parts of which were commissioned and bought from people who slightly knew you, so one just doesn’t know which of them are sincere accounts and which were just made up to make some money — that this almanac was written by god himself. And you must suppress, kill and destroy anybody who says otherwise. And anybody who doesn’t believe should and must (by god’s explicit order) be harassed, tortured, discriminated, segregated. Ironically enough, though, the orthodox version of your own religion and “culture” is exactly the same, it’s a society of deepest and most diverse segregation and discrimination. Not just for the sake of erasing the very memory of your plagiarizing their books, but also for the sake of purity of your own book. You really don’t want to stand before your god on judgment day accused of not doing enough to propagate his faith. So, by definition, those people are hypocrites and liars, bad people who deserve only the worst, and your duty is to give it to them.

But, that isn’t uncommon, at least not in all monotheistic religions. And there is certain logic in that. For one thing, if there is only one god, it is understood that all the others who go by that name are fake and evil.  Vicious counterfeits designed to corrupt righteous people like yourselves, the chosen ones, who happened to be born in your country, community, in your religion. Monotheism does not allow for tolerance towards other religions. However, other monotheisms differ from your faith in one crucial element. They have the idea of the secular, of secularism, which allows them to leave others alone and to co-exist with and within states and societies without necessarily attempting to dominate them on all levels and in all their segments. You, however, do not have even the slightest notion of secularism. For, you are submitted to god first, human beings second. Being human for you is secondary and totally irrelevant to your innermost essence. Therefore it seems impossible to emancipate you: emancipation means mostly secularization.

Rich or poor, educated or illiterate, you will always first listen to and obey your priests, who know and speak the law of god, and then the laws of a country or society where you live. Yours is the community of total theocracy, a thoroughly clerical society and system, where a priest and the theologian have the first and the last say. And it’s always dangerous to let clerics decide about war and peace, life and death, for they rarely have any regard for human life and well-being in this world. Except, of course, for their own life and their own well-being.


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